Monday, December 31, 2007

MGM Grand ... 1st Trip

Last night we went to MGM Grand for a few hours, since we had time to burn. Both the kids loved the Star Wars ride, B-Man made everyone else on the "shuttle" start laughing when he would throw up his hands and yell, "Whoo, Whee, Whoopee!" It was pretty darn funny. The Muppets 3D Movie was good, even though the "3D' part was broken. Ms. R insisted on going on the Tower of Terror ride with us, even after AMPLE forewarning that it was going to be dark and scary. After the first drop, she was ready to GET OFF. B-Man on the other hand, was laughing and shrieking with delight the whole time. Even went on it again with Jerry. Nerves of steal that one.

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Anonymous said...

nice wink Brogan!! love gramma