Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Circle of Courage

Ms. R's school gives out special awards for students who strive to do a little extra in the school. Her teacher nominated her with these words:
Ms. R has been a ray of sunshine in Kindergarten. She comes in each day with such a sweet demeanor that it brightens up out whole classroom. She has a humble heart and a smile that doesn't quit. Ms. R makes good choices and is a friend to everyone in her class. Her precious hugs warm my heart each and every day. She is a wonderful example to her peers and I am blessed to have her in my class.


TinaLaRae said...

WOW! sure makes a mom happy and proud to hear someone else say the things we already know!

Anonymous said...

truer words were never spoken. Whenever I see Rhiannons smile is lights up my day. I've told you that several times. Other people notice too. L mom

Dawn said...

That is so great! I love that they are recongnized for their personalities and not just their 'grades'. Way to go Rhiannon!