Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letters (post cards) Home

Dear Mom,
I (heart) you.
I was thinking about you in Kansas all along.
I want you to know that I care about you
and I know you care about me.
From your sweet dotter Rhiannon

St. Louis:
Hi (heart) Mom, dad and Brogan
We miss you and we went to the TOP of the arch.
I touched the Mississippi :)

Hi Dad,
I (heart) you
I went to Pennsylvania.
It was cool.
Did you know the (liberty) bell is 3 feet?
It was cool.
From Rhiannon
I (heart) u

New York:
hi mom and dad
I went to new york (city) yesterday it was fun.
We went to a sky ride (Empire State Building) and it was midnight I bot a shirt there.
I had to take a train to go to new york and we got back at 2;00 it was late.
And I went to sleep and I had a good sleep. On the couch I think?
from your sweet doter Rhiannon.
I love you.

New York:
hi Mom
I was thinking about you guys here in New York.
I (heart) you.
I went swimming,
I saw a friend on the same D.S., her name is Jorden.
I (heart) you mom
From your sweet Dotter

(boo hoo hoo, I miss my baby!)


Jenie said...

Those are totally sweet! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks.

Sally said...

I love the notes. So cute. Now I miss her too!