Monday, July 5, 2010

Nothing to Report

I seem to get harassed more when I don't post something as to when I post nothing.
ait ... did that make any sense? I got like three hours of sleep last night.
So this whole "conversational writing" thing?
Not to much working for me today.

In any case.

As I stated in the post. Nothing going on here.

Well there is something but as I have strove to keep this blog upbeat and positive, you won't be hearing about that.

Till it concludes.

Then I'll reveal in it and celebrate with you all at a later date.

Well, not physically since the greater majority of my readership lies North of the border.

Canadian border that is.
If it were the Mexican border it'd be all like, "paaaaartaaaay" since you'd be close to me.
But generally speaking - you the reader - are not in any way shape or form physically close to me.

I think I'll write another post about something I just remembered I am in the midst of going!

Can't mix unexciting-none-happening posts with somewhat-exicting-sorta-happening posts!

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