Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fake it till You make it.

I'm still not sure how to write about Rhiannon's birthday.
Still not sure how to put a positive spin on it.
Still not sure how to write about something I detested from the get go.

Between she and her father, they decided she should have her birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge with three "best friends".
I thought she should have it at a public pool with ALL of her friends.
What do I know?

It turned out to be a disaster.
Instead of inviting girls she's been friends with all year, she invited three girls who have been best friends with each other ... not so much her. Girls she wanted to be friends with. Not already was.
Within a half hour of arriving at The Lodge and hitting up the water park, she was wandering around by herself.
At her own birthday party.

Birthday dinner ... no one crowding around her to be the one sitting next to the special girl.
All but ignored.

Blowing out her birthday candles ... taking an extraordinary amount of time to make her wish.
Day after the party, she comes to me in tears and declares that her birthday wish didn't come true. The girls kept on excluding her. (Please, tear out my heart now.)

Deciding who was going to share bunks ... Rhiannon sleeping by herself.
Ended up coming out and sleeping on my bed with me, in tears.

All I could do was try to show her how this was a good lesson.
That you have to be good to the people who are good to you.
Maybe your birthday isn't the best time to try to evaluate who your best friends could be. But the ones who are.


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Jenie said...

Ouch...poor girl, that is a tough lesson to learn!