Wednesday, September 26, 2007


When I set up B-Man's appointment with the child hood psychologist for October 22 I asked to be put on the "cancellation wait list", which meant that if someone canceled their appointment, I'd be given a call.
Since I took B-Man off dairy his digestive process has been completely disgusting. (Yes, this will all come together...) He still isn't potty trained for #2 and his stools ... well, they have become "pools" since the removal of casein from his diet. At least twice a day I am completely stripping him down and hosing him off. This process is not only thoroughly gross but hard for me to deal with calmly. Though I KNOW he doesn't MEAN to do it, it has still been driving me to the brink of sanity.
This afternoon as I was in the middle of the very frustrating process of shopping at Whole Foods, trying to find products (that are not only organic, but gluten and casein free too!) for recipes I am going to try out while Jerry is in Kansas City for NASCAR ... The doctors office called to find out if I'd be able to bring B-Man in tomorrow morning. YES! YES! YES!
I admit my thoughts have been revolving around the "geesh ... what else are You going to throw at me?" question. It's nice to know that even when I am a little angry with the Great Him, He still loves me. I'm grateful for this break, I hope tomorrow we'll be able to at least start on the road towards others helping B-Man become the boy trapped inside.

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