Saturday, September 22, 2007

7 years

Last night Jerry and I celebrated our anniversary. As we were walking into our chosen steak house we laughed over the fact that we haven't had any easy years. Even now, as it looks like our financial future is getting easier, we come upon the challenge of working to find an improvement in our son. A HUGE toll emotionally on both of us. After devouring delicious steaks, seafood and warm crusty bread we headed over to a Saturn dealership so I could show him the truck I want his business to lease for me. He was won over, now we just have to figure out WHEN that will happen. Hopefully by years end. We ended the night by going to "The Bourne Ultimatum", eh, not bad. Really, you can't see the first two and miss the third. Though they left a few too many things hanging in my opinion - were he and Julia Stiles character involved before? What does she know? TELL ME!
We came home to not only a clean house, but a VACUUMED house and a sleeping babysitter. Jenna, bless your sweet heart. LOVE HER!


Gary said...
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Gary said...

Don't get Michael started on Julia Stiles, I think that almost ruined the movie for him... I thought the movie was awesome and could sit through (not threw) several more sequels.

Saturn truck? The Vue?

Krista said...

Saturn SUV the "Outlook", it's bigger than the VUE. Can be either 7 or 8 seater. I'd obviously go for the 7 seater.