Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rough Day

I think today marked the "withdrawal" day for strawberry milk/dairy. B-Man threw more tantrums, cried, kicked the cats, smacked Ms. R with toys than he ever has before. By supper time he was yelling at me for ice cream, apparently giving up on strawberry milk. He doesn't even really like ice cream. Right now he and Ms. R are playing "kitchen" and he's pretending to make strawberry milk. As he says, "Strawberry milk" over and over again as he shakes a cup then pretends to drink from it, his voice cracks cause he's so near tears. I really hope I've done the right thing.
We went to the gym for a break - because for some reason B-Man is always good at the gym. They played in the play area for a couple hours while I worked myself back into healthy living, then we headed to the outdoor pool (yeah, we're still in the 30's here) for a couple hours.
I'm having a bit of difficulty in a few area of my life at the moment, which it turns out makes me really tense. Therefore a HUGE headache. Seriously, last night I had to lay there doing an exercise a friend of mine taught me several years ago. You concentrate on one muscle at a time from your toes on up till you're like jello everywhere. I however started at my jaw because I found that I am really clutching my jaw together lately.


mom said...

yes honey, you're doing the right thing. Right things for moms are always the hardest, and even after the kids are over the "hard" part it still can make mom cry. Being a GOOD mom is THE HARDEST most rewarding experience you will ever have. and you are a top notch mom, so, you're gonna hurt. Sorry honey, I love you

TinaLaRae said...

Hey Krista, just wanted you to know you are in my prayers! Also I saw that Oprah did a show on Autism just last Tuesday, with Jenny McCarty and Holly Robinson Peete. They have boys that have autism and although I missed the show I read about it on Oprah's web site. You might want to check it out too? Good luck and if there is anything I can do let me know!