Friday, September 14, 2007

Step One

The lady I talked to yesterday about Autism suggested a cook book by Lisa Lewis called, "Special Diet for Special Kids". The first step this lady suggests in modifying your child's diet is removal of dairy products. It seems like my initial reaction to everything associated with this disease is immediate rejection. I know, it's kind of like a coping/denial type mechanism, but I really hope I get over it. My first thought was, "If they aren't consuming dairy, how do they get their calcium?" I knew there were other foods containing this mineral, it was just a matter of researching what they were.
Today marks our first "no dairy" diet. I am going full throttle with B-Man and slowly weaning the rest of us off of it - since there are some dairy products still left in the house that I am not going to simply throw out. Which means that last night I threw out the strawberry syrup (apparently the red dye in strawberry syrup is one of the worst things you can give your kids, as a heads up to anyone out there who also gives their kids strawberry sauce to encourage milk consumption.) Today has been kind of rough with B-Man crying intermittently for strawberry milk. I take him to the fridge every time, show him there is no strawberry sauce then hand him a bottle of water. They say he may some symptoms of with drawl, but this is the best thing to do. We've gone without strawberry milk for a few days at a time before when I haven't got to a store - but never long term. We'll see how it goes.


TinaLaRae said...

Good luck. My sister in law did the whole no dairy thing when she thought her kids were allergic and she bought soya milk which the kids liked. It is more $ that regular milk but it's a thought.

mom said...

I've heard the thing about red dye before and of course the less preservatives any of us consume the better it is for us.

Jenie said...

WOW! Way to go Krista! I know taking away Strawberry milk is going to be incredibily hard for Brogan.