Saturday, September 22, 2007

Break Thru?

I've noticed a few small changes in B-Man's temperament (mostly bad, I'll admit) since I've taken him off of dairy products. He throws more temper tantrums, cries more for unexplainable reasons, shows definite preference for doing what HE wants to do WHEN he wants to do it. He has started SAYING what he wants to do, "GO TO GYM?!?!", "Go eat with Ms. R?". Today I almost started crying when he and Ms. R were playing together, Ms. R tickling him and him screaming with delight. Then he says, "You tickling me!" as he starts giggling again. There just may be something to this whole special diet thing.

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mom said...

that is awesome, even the tantrums, at least he displaying his preferences, and he'll learn how to better show these with time