Monday, September 10, 2007

I'll Get Better

At this posting thing now that things are a little less crazy. I promise!
Ms. R started kindy this year with a bit of apprehension and a lot of excitement. She is completely in love with her teacher, Ms. Feldman. The Jones cousins were still here when she started school, she loved coming home to so many friends to play with. She seems to be having a hard time making friends with a particular "clique" of girls in her classroom and with the fact that while she was in PPCD learning how to speak properly and honing her motor skills her peers were learning their letters and numbers. In the evening when we practice her alphabet she always ends up in tears because she'll write a "j" backwards or whatever. Combine those two and her first two weeks of Kindy have been kind of tough emotionally on both of us. B-Man and I went into share lunch with her the other day and she's plead with me every day since for us to come have lunch with her again so she can eat with someone who likes her. I keep trying to convince her to make friends with little girls in her class who are NICE and want to be her friend too, however with the girl she wants to be friends with sitting right next to her in class it's a difficult spot to be in.
B-Man, Ms. R and I went in for Ms. R's reassessment for speech and walked out with a referral to the district program for B-Man. It may not specialize in Autism, but it will be better than nothing till we can get him into a treatment center here in the DFW area. The waiting lists are around 1-2 years long, which is just insane, but there it is. Unless we want to move to Austin, this is the option we have. The most I am hoping for is that he'll become less aggressive towards other kids. Lately his aggression has become hard to deal with, to the point that I am afraid of taking him into social situations because I am constantly on alert for him shoving, hitting, pulling hair, ect. kids around him. Other parents seem to frown on that :(
Jerry switched around my hard drive so now I don't have the ability to download my pictures here, so you'll have to wait for me to go to Walmart and get one of those picture CD's for the summer pics.


TinaLaRae said...

To be honest I am not that excited that school is in again. For one Pacey and I butt heads every morning on the subject of what she should wear to school. I try to let her choose but she doesn't match things real great and she will only wear certain kinds of pants and is not about layering shirts and stuff. So every morning I'm trying to bit my tongue so the day doesn't start off in a fight. Also she hates to read and thus far she hasn't gotten any homework assignments from her teacher, even for reading but I have set the rule that she has to read 15 mins every night and therefore another fight is on our hands. What to do. Also she really has no friends and so at recess she says she plays with nobody which makes me sooo sad because that is how it was with me in Elementery school too. Laina on the other hand everyone wants to be her friend and she loves doing homework (not that I think that will last). Anyway I'm with you on the heartache that comes when your child is having a hard time at school.

mom said...

Oh, honey I so know the heartbreak when one of your children is hurting, unfortunately it doesn't get any easier EVER!! I know it won't help alot but make sure she knows that Gramma Char loves her and give her a big hug for me. Try to be patient with Brogan, hpefully this program will help him learn to interact better. See ya soon

Jenie said...

Hang in there Rhiannon! We miss you guys!