Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where in the World

I am woefully behind. I feel no shame. I feel elation and joy that my life is so full that I have better things to do than blog about everything that happens in my life.
Didja hear me? Elation and Joy.
That's right.
I said it.
I feel no remorse in leaving you behind. In the dust. Wondering "what in the world happened to Krista?"
Well ... let's catch you up. Now that I've insulted all my readers and alienated the any who may have been interested. Haha.

The purpose of (most) of my family coming down was to be a part of Rhiannon's baptism. In the LDS faith, our kids get baptised at eight. Believing that they should be of an age of accountability before they enter the waters of repentance. It was a great experience for Rhiannon. What kid doesn't like having a whole day (other than her birthday) all about them?
The only sad thing about the day is that it meant the next day was when everyone but my mom headed home. I hate having my family live so far from me. Some days it tears me apart inside because I am so torn on whether I am doing the right thing living in Texas when they ALL live within 20 minutes of each other in Alberta.
The sweetest, most tender moment between the girls happened the Sunday they were packing to leave. The girls had asked about Rhiannon going up to Canada with them and then flying home. I pointed out that we simply did not have the funds to be able to do that and left it as a done topic. However, moments later, Jenie happened upon them all pooling their precious, hard earned/saved monies in order to buy Rhiannon a plane ticket themselves.
"I have $11 .... I have $60 ... I have $27 ... If we add it all together we'd have ..." I got chocked up. It was such a sweet moment. Knowing these babies love each other so much that they are all willing to sacrifice money they have been saving/earning for at least the last year ... it killed me!

The "adults" (yeah, I am still childish enough to giggle when I think of being considered an adult when my parents are around) all went to Joe's Crab Shack one night and I partook of my first crab. I admit it, crab has intimidated me in the past. I have never gone out to eat with anyone that has ordered it so I had no idea how to get into the suckers! Jenie and I sat next together, which ended up being a comedy of errors with all the crab flying. I definitely think she was worse than I was; I ended up with some crab down my shirt. And NOT from me being unable to get it in my mouth.

Before my mom headed home we went over to Mesquite and participated in the weekly (seasonal) rodeo they hold out there. It was a ton of fun to cheer on the athletes, have the kids run in a "Cash Cow" and just generally smell the live stock. I know, I know. A lot of people hate that smell. I don't. I love the horses smell especially.

Took the kids out to watch the Perseid meteor shower ... Rhiannon was asleep way before the first star shot across the sky, Brogan was a trooper and stuck it out with me till the bitter end. And let me tell you, he was bitter. I guess you have to be a little older to understand how incredible the show really was.

I went in the on the 16th of August for my Citizenship Naturalization Test and found it ridiculously easy. Seriously. I studied for how long ... for THAT?!?! Humbug! However, it was cause for celebration and a few good friends and I went out to celebrate my Americanization by eating ... French food @ Cadot in Dallas. An odd choice, maybe ... but darn! Was it ever tasty! The service couldn't have been better; the Chef/owner came by himself twice to check on our meals and indulge in chat about various French dishes. Delightful!

I took the boy back to school shopping and quickly learned that we both have the same patience level for that tomfoolery.
School started way too early ... I could have handled a few more weeks of sleeping in ;) Rhiannon was nervous about who was going to be in her class more than who her actual teacher is and Brogan was unimpressed with the whole idea. They've both settled down into their classes fairly well. Brogan wants to be in another class because that is where his favorite little girl is and Rhiannon has got "warnings" from her teacher pretty much every day since school started ... I guess that means she's doing alright and not cowering in her desk ... So the year is going just dandy so far. Hardy Har Har.


mom said...

thanks for the update, I for one love reading your blog

Jenie said...

Ahh...good crab memories!