Sunday, August 15, 2010

How the West was Won

Eight swarming kids. One tired Gramma. Three terrorized parents. That's how. Just kidding on the terrorized part. Mostly.
We hit up the Alamo on day three... or four depending on how you keep track of days.
Brogan was acting and feeling rather monsterous that morning. Seriously, does he not look like a serial killer in training? I, however, was having a great day ... (love ya, Michael!) Took some pictures, read some plaques, talked to a couple from Jersey ...
Headed over to the Children's Museum three blocks down from the Alamo and let the kids go (under strict parental supervision) wild. For darn near 5 hours. If not 6. Who was keeping count anyway? I seriously cannot look at this picture of Lily without breaking into laughter. She is such a riot.

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