Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Three Eight things you couldn't live without

(I'm keeping this strictly material)
1. Cleaning products. I'm an addict. It may be a problem. 2. Toothbrush. I kid you not. I am a teeth brushing Nazi.3. The internet.
We have a long, deep rooted relationship that has carried me through some really rough times ;)
4. Measuring cups, I have more than a dozen of them. I'm neurotic... no need for discussion.5. Pictures. I have thousands of them ... and that may be an underestimate.
6. My phone. I have a slight panic attack when I think I have driven anywhere without it.7. Flip Flops.
Or THONGS, as I still prefer to think of them.
There's a reason why I need pedicures so often.8. "Free" long distance to Canada. Cause *sniff sniff* no one will *boo hoo* move to *sob* Texas!

1 comment:

mom said...

try AVON bubble bath for #1. Seriously, google it, there's a list of all the things its useful for, and it really does work :)