Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You, Baby

Thank you, baby for realizing I have been feeling a little under appreciated ... and have started offering to help around the house without encouragement.

Thank you, baby for realizing I was getting fed up with all the meals I have made without one, "That was good, thank you." And without prompting have started telling me how great my meals are and how much you love what I make.

Thank you, baby for realizing sometimes I just need to sit and be cuddled for a little while without talking. You're soft heart makes me proud.

Thank you, baby for being sensitive to the fact that I am tired of thinking of stuff for us to do and coming up with things on your own. Some of your ideas are a little off the wall ... but I love you for trying.
You're a gift from Heaven that I will always be thankful for.


mom said...

Yes, she is one in a million and you're both very blessed to have each other

Jenie said...

She is a sweet girl!