Saturday, January 2, 2010


As mentioned previously, my Mom invited me to go on a cruise with her this March as my Christmas/Birthday present.
I ain't no fool, I jumped at the chance.
Duuuude, it's a CRUISE
Though I am TOTALLY excited about the trip ... I'm willing to admit the idea of sea sickness has me a little on edge, because well ... I get motion sick when I am driving my car.
But I plan on doing it all.
Those wrist bands, ginger, those patches, not drinking caffeine (good bye, Pepsi)"Over kill" you may say.
I beg to differ my friend. I beg to differ.
I'd rather cover all the basis and feel no ill effects then go in "hoping" I'm okay.
Cause (as my mom would say) "dollars to donuts" I'd be laid low the entire trip if I didn't take the precautions.


Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Jealous! I so want to go on a cruise and see the Mayan ruins and I would love to go back to Hawaii as an adult.

Kari Jones Terwelp said...

Take me with you!

Sally and Brian said...

So jealous and so wonderful for you! YEAH!! :) I LOVE fun gifts. I know all about the trip while dating story! You guys totally deserve a trip together.

Jenie said...

Awesome! Lucky girl.

Roeckers said...

Sounds like 2010 is going to be your year!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jealous! I want to go on a cruise sooooo badly.