Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flavored Water

Or for my lovely Canadian counterparts
"Flavoured Water".

I love the stuff. Love it.

For a while I was chugging Propel.
But then it started hurting when I was brushing my teeth.

I brush my teeth for up to five minutes at a time, as a "relaxor" ... that's a long time to put up with pain.

So I stopped drinking that.

And the pain went away.

However, that meant that I pretty much stopped drinking water too.

Not so much of a good idea.

Dude, I HATE the taste of water.

Or the non-taste as it may be.

But recently I decided to try out Glacéau "Vitamin Water".
Ooooh so good.

Especially for someone who loves vitamin C as much as I do.

Cause that's what their "Orange-Orange" flavor tastes like.

Love it.


mom said...

thats the stuff the Cindy drinks. She loves it, me I like the good old fasioned WATER

Jenie said...

That looks yummy! Maybe I should try that and cut down on the caffine a little:)