Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A few months ago I introduced the boy to hockey via the television, since then he has been adamant that he wants to get "hockey lessons". I have been a wee bit apprehensive about this idea.

#1 - Hockey is an expensive sport to get in to. It's not like you just have to buy them some cleats and shin guards.
#2 - He is NOT a "team player" type kid. So much so that he will deliberately pick games on the Wii that are only one player games when he KNOWS Ms. R wants to play with him.

In order to solidify his desire one way or the other I decided to take him to a Dallas Stars game.He was enthralled during the opening sequence.
Within 20 minutes though, he was saying to me, "I don't want to watch hockey guys, I want to PLAY a hockey guy."

I had to bribe him with the promise of a slurpee to stay so I could watch the remainder of the game (they were playing the Oilers, for heaven sake - I couldn't leave without knowing the outcome of good vs. evil).

He may have been bored simply watching the "hockey guys" but he's still sure he wants to play.

So soon enough I'll be signing him up for skating lessons.

One step at a time, right?


Jenie said...

Skating lessons are a great idea! Have fun.

Lindsey Rae said...

haha. Good vs. Evil...but then again everyone on both teams is Canadian anyway, eh?

mom said...

So, who won??