Friday, January 1, 2010

Remember Me? ... a Post mostly about my mom.

When I start posting less than my sister in law I know I have become a blogging slacker.

And I have.

So I am .

Today, I will remedy that!

You may be asking, "What has happened in the MONTH, Krista?"

Let's see...

My MOM came to be with us for the holidays. As usually, she was not here for nearly enough time.
However, we've started formulating a (legal) plan to hopefully get her down here.
Surprisingly, Jerry (the one with whom she has butted heads with regularly in the last 10 years) has been the most helpful in coming up with strategies to get her here.
We'll have to see how it all turns out.
I am getting my hopes semi-up.

While she was here we started planning our CRUISE she so fabulously gave me for Christmas/my upcoming Birthday.
Totally Excited!
No "semi's" about it.

She came down the week before the kids were out of school and was able to help me volunteer in a number of capacities.
Some people were like, "Your mom comes for a visit and you bring here HERE?"
But really - my mom and I have fun pretty much anywhere so go.
So helping people out as we visited was just as good of a thing to do as anything else.

Ms. R absolutely LOVED having her come to the school for lunches and the "Holiday Party". B-Man wasn't too busted up about it himself.I took her out to my Cribbage club and she fell in love with the club and a little bit in lust with the organizer. Can't blame her, the people in the club are fun and the organizer's got charisma and charm to spare.

We went up to Grapevine to participate in some of their holiday activities. While it was WAY chillier than one would have expected for Texas, the kids still had a lot of fun.

We stinking well got SNOW. PILES of it. Weird.

Christmas was spent out at my in laws. Lots of food and games played. Relaxing.
Though the kids had a great time opening presents, it still felt like something was missing.
Other kids.
The joy of sharing some of what you got, getting territorial over others, laughing and playing with cousins.
I think next Christmas I just may give in and leave Texas for Christmas.
From what I hear there is a plan in the works for everyone to meet up in Utah at one of Jerry's brothers place. We have come to call it "the great and spacious building". Hopefully by next Christmas it will be more than a shell and able to accommodate the entire family. Cause my kids need kids.

Sadly, at this point, my mom has gone home (boohoo). So life has gone back to it's every day regular grind.

Last night Jerry and I cracked open our new electronic Monopoly game. While playing the actual game was fun ... not having physical money to exchange was a little bit of a let down. Jerry says it's just cause I'm a tactile person and I miss how the money felt in my hands. He's probably right. The electronic version is pretty cool, though. Less of a mess and all that.


The Bui's said...

So Fun!, my kids didn't have any other kids around at christmas either. Kind of a let down isn't it. I told Chet that I would be going home for Chriostmas every year from now on. We'll see if that pans out.

I'm glad you got snow. Admit it, you loved it a little.

Jenie said...

Sounds like a good Christmas!

Dawn said...

You have been away from home WAAAYYYYY to long iuf that is a picture of "piles of snow" lol.

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Daniel would also miss exchanging real...well not so much real, money. Sounds like you had a great Christmas holiday. Hope you have a great new year too!

mom said...

had a great time as usual, snow and all. And the Crib night was really fun. Thats all I'm sayin'