Wednesday, November 18, 2009


... has started being my favorite-est day of the week. Well maybe not the whole day - but certainly from 5pm on.
You see, two years ago I signed up for a "Meet Up" group here in the DFW. This group gets together once a week to play Cribbage. Until a couple of weeks ago me and Jerry's schedules just did not work together to make this something I could do. Mostly his schedule, with meetings and servers and people and whatnot. However, his being out of work has been a blessing of sorts for me on several fronts; one being that three weeks ago today it worked out that I could go out to this "Meet Up" and start playing Cribbage with humans in person.
It has become something I look forward to all week long. Seriously. It probably doesn't hurt that the last two times I have gone I have one "pots". However, I know that even if I don't continue my "winning streak" I'll still want to go.
The people are fun. The game is challenging.
And I get to spend time with people in a social environment for up to FIVE HOURS.

Other benefits of having Jerry out of the job: He has started to "dejunk" the garage. He's helped out with small things around the house (like emptying the dishwasher). He's started helping me assist the kids in getting their homework done (yes, the BOTH have homework EVERY night). He's started thoroughly trimming the bushes and trees around the yard. Oddly, without all the pressure of various work related tasks ... he's easier to be around.


The Bui's said...

Wow! major memory flashes. My grandma Palin used to love playing cribage. She always had a board out in her house. She taught me once, but I totally forget how to play.
I love how you are always exploring new things. so much fun!

mom said...

I love Crib and its great the Jerrys taking more of a role around the house.

the Provident Woman said...

I've never played that game. It would be nice to have a set SOMETHING to do once a week to get out and about.