Sunday, November 8, 2009

Henry and Mudge

Have your kids ever read these books? They are so super cute. Rhiannon and I are huge fans - these two characters interact so sweetly together you can't help but love them.

The first book is cute and happy till Mudge decides to go on an adventure on his own ... then pages 28 and 29 Happen:

"Henry thought Mudge
would be with him always.
He thought Mudge
made everything safe.
He thought Mudge
would never go away.

And when Mudge did go away,
when Henry called and called
but Mudge didn't come,
Henry's heart hurt
and he cried for an hour.
But when he was finished crying,
Henry said, "Mudge loves me.
He wouldn't leave.
He must be lost."

Oh my lands.
Rhiannon and I have read this book at least half dozen times and when we get to these pages, we are both in tears.
It is such a sad, sweet lesson.
It speaks to my very soul.

Knowing that you love someone and that someone/something loves you so much that you have that definitive core solid faith that they wouldn't leave you.

Awesome message, Ms. Rylant.

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