Monday, November 2, 2009

A Project

... of mystically large portions!

That's what moving my (very) small deep freeze seemed like.

I just wanted it moved from the laundry room, where it has resided since my in laws bought it for me four or so years ago for Christmas (they always get me very practical gifts: bbq, bread maker, deep freeze ...).

It took up space underneath where I hang the clothes and with growing kids, that meant more and more clothes were brushing the top of my freezer.

Being neurotic, this bothered me.

A lot.

It wasn't so much the moving it - it's small enough that I can maneuver it on my own. However, I wanted it put in (duh duh duh duh!) the garage.

If you're a follower, you understand what this means.


Asking the man to make space amongst his "piles".

Oh. Dear.

However, when I got home from my in laws on Sunday I saw Jerry's head bobbing around in the garage.

"What can this mean?"

I wondered.

"Is he just tinkering with the Citation? or is he doing it?"

To my everlasting glee, he was moving stuff around so I could put my freezer out in the garage. Turns out between the laundry sorter and the freezer he'd has just about enough of being "boxed in" as he trapsed back and forth from the garage.

This, dear readers, is what my beautiful laundry room looks like now.
Look at all that space!

So pretty.


Jenie said...

I love having space in Laundry rooms! Looks good.

mom said...

WOW I'm suitable impressed. I agree with both of you I love room in my Laundry room, that is I would if I had a laundry room

Dawn said...

Wow that really opened it up! Good job!