Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feels ... Dejected.

Last week on B-mans blog I posted about us getting involved in a Walk Now for Autism that is happening here in the DFW area next Saturday. Next I emailed pretty much everyone I knew that isn't in a particularly financially tight situation. Then I posted it on Facebook.
So far, I have gotten THREE donations. THREE.
As in, less people than I have in my family.
To say that this hurt my pride a little may be an understatement.
I don't ask for help often at all - and then to put out that plea and to get such a dismal response.
Well. It sucked.
Still sucks.
But maybe if I post it here too, I'll get a better response.
Lord knows it can't get much worse.

"This year I decided our family (at least the kids and I) are going to get more involved in the Autism community and awareness.
I've been sitting in the wings for a little too long.
Admiring and advocating the work that is done.
But not putting any real effort in myself.

Our first endeavor is going to be the Walk Now for Autism (<----click here) event being held on November 14th.

I am not one who easily asks for help.

If at all possible, I will get something accomplished by myself simply because ... I guess I hate the humility that comes with admitting that you just can't do it alone.

I also hate the possibility of rejection.

That I think hurts more than getting to the point of being able to ask for help.

For Brogan. For The Cause, I've swallowed my pride and bucked up against the possibility of having no financial support and sent out hundreds of emails.


If I know you, if I can find your email ...

I've sent you an email asking for your support. (<----click here) 'Cause this is something I believe in.
I don't believe so much that there is a "cure", but I surely believe there is a world of help out there that can be given if enough attention is brought to our cause. (<----click here) So come on, people - let's make some money and make a difference! B-man's counting on you! (haha, just had to throw out the "tugging on the heart strings" line)" For the love of all that's Holy! Don't Turn your back on the boy!


The Bui's said...

Sorry sweety! I must of missed the e-mail, and I never go on the computer anymore anyway! No time! I hope your feeling will mend soon. Not to add the dejection, but things are super tight around here right now. We helped out Chet's fam and pretty much emptied the account. Sorry! I am however extremely proud of you.

Becka said...

Well I never got an email! I'm sure I can pledge $50....if that isn't too terribly lame.....!


Krista said...

Fancy Nancy - Don't worry about it, I totally understand.
Becks - $50 isn't lame - that's AWESOME!

Krista said...

Just click on one of the BLUE links in this entry.

Lindsey Rae said...

I'm sorry to hear about your frustration. I can understand that it's hard to make the effort and then not see the results you want.
I don't know much about the Autism Speaks organization, but am wondering what you know about them as far as what their overhead is and where exactly their money goes? The reason I ask, is that with all the groups out there asking for donations I kind of came up with a personal policy that I would only donate to charitable organizations that did not have any overhead (or at least a VERY low one...if anything). I don't worry so much about donating items such as food and other items, because I know what I personally give can be directly used for those who need it, but when it comes to money, I have kind of stuck to what we give through the church because I can guarantee there is no overhead to be concerned about. Does that make sense? I hope I doesn't come off sounding overly skeptical or negative, because I really think it's awesome that you are taking the initiative to do something to help a cause that is important to you.
On another note, I recently mentioned you and Brogan to my mom. She was interested to hear about you because she's been working as an assistant with Autistic kids for quite a few years now. She's been with the little girl she is with now for 5 or 6 years. She really loves her job a lot. I told her I would share your blog with her. I think she'd be really interested to hear about your experiences.

Krista said...

Lindsey - From what I understand (and I could be totally wrong and mislead) the Dallas chapter of Autism Speaks has a 6% overhead. As to the rest - I honestly don't know EXACTLY where the money goes.

For me, it's more about getting involved, meeting other families/parents in our situation. Making a network of people that I can look to in times of difficulty and transition.

Donations aren't REQUIRED to get involved. It just makes me feel better about doing so; because my son has been blessed by so many of the free programs, services, information and products they offer us because of these types of events.
If you're going to share my blog with her, share Brogan's too - I share a whole lot more stories there than here about him.