Monday, January 26, 2009


No, I didn't misspell the title. It's Wen. As in the hair product.I'll admit it, I got drawn in.
It was late at night.
I was bored.
Nothing good to watch in MTV or VH1.
I was hurting.
So as I flipped through the channels I caught myself slowing down as I came to an
an infomercial.
It featured all of these women with beautiful hair.
Long, short, curly, straight.
Asian, Caucasian, African American, Polynesian.
They had me hooked.
What did I do?
I thought it over for at least a couple weeks.
Then I called my mom and wheedled.
"Mom, you know what I'd LOOOOVE for Christmas?"
At first I wasn't too sure I was getting any results and I felt gypped.
GYPPED I tell ya!
Then I did their intensive moisturizing treatment and
wow wow.
Here are the results on my curly, out of control, frizz prone hair
on a rainy day!My hair is dry!
It's now officially that glossy when it's DRY.
Am I the only one whose mouth is dropping open?
Oh ya baby.
Bring on the weird hair care products!


Jenie said...

Very Nice! I'm glad you found something that works for you.

The Bui's said...

Holy crap your hair is dark now! did you dye it? And yes, it does look radiant, shiny and beautiful.

Sally and Brian said...

hello gorgeous! So were you debating buying the product because you weren't sure it would work or because it was expensive? Us curly haired girls have to help each other out!

Krista said...

That's actually my natural color, I've been dying it lighter for years now.
So when I went to my new (FABULOUS) hair stylist and he suggested I go natural, I let him go to it. Nice eh?
I debated on whether to buy it or not for both reasons. It's $40/mth and that seems A LOT for something that may not work. They have a money back guarantee though, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out.
As you can see, once you get the knack of it - your hair becomes RAVISHING ;)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome! I've been looking for something that makes my curls look glossy and FRIZZZY!

Dawn said...

ummmmm, I thought you hated it?? I leave for 2 days and everything changes=)lol. I'm glad it works for you....

Roeckers said...

WOW!! Do you think it will have the same results on my poker straight hair that never wants to hold curl? I am seriously jealous!!! I have always dreamed of having curly hair....jealous!!

Krista said...

Well, I gave it another shot and used the Ultra super duper intensive conditioner to start it off this time. Which I should have done LAST time ... but noooo Krista doesn't like following the rules.

Sorry Chrissy, this doesn't perform THAT big of a miracle! It just makes curly hair silky smooth curly. It may help your hair have more body ... but not curly.

mom said...

looking gorgeous and shiny, I'mso glad its working