Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eastward - Ho!

My mom and her husband Rod are talking about moving to Texas (again). This time their plan is to just come for the harsh Canadian winters so it's a more viable plan, hopefully we'll see a follow thru. Because of this (tentative) plan we have been all over the country (and I mean country not states) looking at properties, topography, meeting local people, seeing what towns are like, prices of various things, ect. Our wanderings took us out to east Texas where Jerry's parents live, so we took advantage of their very gracious hospitality and stayed at their place as we explored out there some more. We also visited Canton for the First Trade Days ... but that was like a side trip. Or maybe that was ACTUALLY the purpose of the trip but became secondary. Either way, we spent a day out in Canton taking in all there is to take in at Canton. Next time I have promised myself I am renting one of those power carts, my legs are a wreck by the end of the day. I don't think it's entirely because I weigh too much - I think some of it is simply because it's 8 hours of standing/walking on cement. Rod rented one this time and I took a turn wheeling around in it - oh my good gracious, it was a hoot!
Jerry's dad also convinced me to let me use his Flowbee on Brogan's wayward hair. Brogan was all about getting his hair cut, even requesting Wayne do so a number of times. However, when it came down to the actual cutting he was a little freaked out. Possibly because of all the noise, hoses and three people standing around just watching. In the end, between Wayne and I ... it turned out alright. At least at the current length it won't be sticking straight up or all fluffy all the time.
These are just pictures of us enjoying Wayne and Linda's back patio, eating kettle corn Wayne popped for us, playing cards and enjoying the 70+ degree weather we've been enjoying ... My mom needed to take pictures to remind herself there are places in the world without 6 foot snow drifts, below zero and BLOWING.


mom said...

I really do need the memories now, it was great. Many thanks again the Jerrys parents for their gracious hospitality.

The Bui's said...

Okay, so is everyones house in texas made out of brick? What the heck! Hilarious suction hair cutter. So they really do exist. Seen Waynes World likely? take a look.

sassy stephanie said...

Wow, what a cool patio.

I think I'd be freaked out by the Flowbee. Strange contraption!