Sunday, January 25, 2009

Riding Lessons

After hearing time and time again at the Autism conference that the two best therapies for our kids is hippo and aqua I looked into it and signed both my kids up for equestrian lessons. Can't sign up the boy and not the girl.I'm all about equality.
Or something.
This week they went twice, once on Tuesday and again yesterday. The lessons are an hour each with Christian teaching them horse "etiquette", grooming, feeding, leading, proper reigning, blah blah blah.Christian is a super nice girl (woman, I guess. She's 25), who's patience personified, friendly, ultra knowledgeable and a perfect fit for my kids.
Especially the girl.
Ms. R is in love with her.
And "her" horse.


Sally and Brian said...

Can I be your kid?

Roeckers said...

My kids loved riding lessons! Our coach/teacher whatever you call them would teach Liza then let the then 2 &1yr old boys take turns and talk to them at their age appropriate level! It is hard to come by someone that good around here! We have had a hard time with kids wanting to teach or making time for it. Maybe we will look again in the summer...

Snag that lady hard and don't let go if she is working for the kids! I think it is an important thing for them to learn. You have to respect the animal, care for it, and guide it our else it the animal won't do what you want it to do. Responsibility!

Krista said...

You can only be my kid if you move to Texas.
I REFUSE to move to Utah ;)

mom said...

SO.... how are the lessons going now, has Mr B decided they're not such terrible beasts. I sure hope so