Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 things

I was tagged by Mandy. I'm not sure there are 25 things you don't already know about me though. I write EVERYTHING here. Soooo ... here goes ...

1. I love moving. I love the whole process, finding a house, packing, shuffling ... It makes me sad that I haven't moved in almost 8 years.

2. I need a certain girly operation to stop something intensely embarrassing that happens daily. But am WAY chicken. Worry that the end result won't be worth the pain.

3. I have kept a journal from the time I was 8. I have 3 Rubbermaid tote full of them in the attic.

4. I hate Swiss cheese. I call it Stinky Cheese.

5. I don't really like even numbers. They make me feel funny inside.

6. I have a hard time with "about" times. If something happens at 3:34 I have to force myself to tell someone else "about 3:30". Why can't I just say "It was 3:34"?

7. I'm willing to play dirty to get what I want.

8. I love physical labor. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

9. If I had a super power, I'd be able to fly. Very un-original. But also very true.

10. I love pasta but hate Spaghettio's

11. I think I'm a good mom. Not to brag or anything ... but I do.

12. If the skies stay over cast for more than a few days I become reeeeeally depressed.

13. The best pizza I ever ate came from Aardvarks in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

14. I love my hair but wish I knew what products to use on it so it didn't frizz when I let it go natural and curly.

15. I think I have a pretty good problem solving sense. When people will tell me about different problems or scenarios, I can usually come up with one or more ways to improve it that hasn't occurred to them.

16. Hallmark commercials have the ability to make me cry. Always have.

17. I have known my best friend for more than half my life.

18. After living in the "Big City" with my kids, I don't think I could ever live in a small town (while they are still small). I just may have a panic attack.

19. In my brain I tell myself I think I am making "reasonable" goals, when in all reality, I know I am kind of a slacker.

20. Getting laser hair removal from Jerry for Christmas is possibly the best gift he's ever given me.

21. I have pretty thick skin, unless it's Jerry telling me something. Then I crumble like a ... really crumbly thing.

22. Though I project a fairly laid back mother attitude I am fairly hyper sensitive where they are concerned. Usual mom crap.

23. I would love to love shoes ... but I can never find pretty shoes that fit my size 6 WIDE, high arched feet. So I usually forgo shoe shopping for me and buy them for the kids instead. They have way cuter feet than I do.

24. I kind of hate how neither of my kids look anything like me. I GAVE BIRTH TO THEM for heaven sake! I should have SOME influence!

25. After my first German/French/Swiss experience I will never visit a country that is predominantly a language I am not comfortable with without a tour guide. I'm smart like that.

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mom said...

I love your 25 things