Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Years Resolution

Mine is rather silly, but one I know I'll have fun doing and not want to weep, wail, gnash my teeth and think ugly things about myself if I don't accomplish it.
See and record all 48 continental United States license plates.
Stop laughing.
It's a FUN goal, yeah?
I figure with all the transient people here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the far flung road trips we take in the summer, I should be able to accomplish it.
Maybe not those tough North Eastern states.
Those people don't seem to travel down here a lot. Or see much of the mid west.
Where DO they vacation?
I did see a Massachusetts plate the other day ... so I haven't given up hope altogether, yet.
Good thing, since it's early on in the year yet.
If I get really desperate, I may stop by a U-haul place and check out the plates on the trucks there.
See, I already have a contingency plan.
It's all in the planning I tell you.


momma street said...

We have some old ones we've taken off our car when we've moved - let me know if you want me to put them on our car and do a drive by for you. We have Vermont, Arizona, Minnesota, and Maine. HA HA HA

Roeckers said...

You are seriously the funniest girl I know! What are you going to with them after you collect them all?

Krista said...

lol... Chrissy, I'm not collecting the ACTUAL plates, just recording the fact that I've SEEN them on a *hopefully* moving vehicle.