Friday, November 2, 2007

Go There!

This morning the kindergarten classes at Ms. R's school had a "Monster Parade". She had chosen a few weeks ago to be a Purple monster, so while my mom was down here we bought some fluffy furry material, my mom cut out the pattern then I hand stitched the costume together. I've had to hand stitch two things in the last week, I am thinking I am about to break down and get a sewing machine if this is what is in store for us with kids in school.
So we put on the handmade furry monster costume, tights with purple hearts on them, a purple undershirt, finishing off the look with her hair in a bunch of pony tails sprayed with a purple tint. She looked hilarious. Once again, I took pictures! One of these posts is going to be nothing but pictures.
On our way home as we were passing IHOP B-Man kept pointing over to it and yelling, "GO THERE! GO THERE" I said, "Honey, mom didn't bring any money. We'll eat at home." To which he responded, "I want to eat! GO THERE" Did I mention he's dairy and mostly wheat free now? To anyone who says diet doesn't make a difference, I say, "That's a bunch of crap."


Jenie said...

I bet she looked adorable. Way to go Brogan!!!!!

mom said...

I WANT PICTURES!! and yes you will need a sewing machine to be a good mom lots of things to sew love ya