Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tradition Continue

For Halloween this year Ms. R decided to be a life guard and B-Man picked out a zebra costume. They both looked pretty darn cute. I will endeavor to get into Walmart to upload the pictures later this week.
Our yearly Halloween tradition is going to the local mall where they have trick or treating, games and activities. It's a nice place to go most years because it's usually a little cooler this time of year and it's always nice to have a place to go where the costumes can be on display. Usually we'll go to a few houses around the neighborhood just so the kids get the of what trick or treating should be about.
This year was unusually warm, staying up near twenty till almost 8:30pm. So after we got back from the mall, I fed Ms. R supper (again) she and I headed out for the neighborhood crawl. B-Man was DONE by that time so he stayed home with Jerry. This year there was a pathetic number of kids out trick or treating. When we were out and about at 7:30, she was the first child most of the houses in the neighborhood had seen. Which, of course, meant that most of candy people had left in their bags ended up in her basket. She gathered more candy in our neighborhood than both she and B-Man did at the mall.
I think I may have some how passed on a few traits to Ms. R without intention ... such as: When we were out Trick or Treating the couple other kids that were out sometimes cut infront of us by running across peoples lawns instead of using the walk ways. I didn't comment on it because really, there was no point. But after Ms. R had seen this happen twice she remarked, "It sure is rude to run on other people's lawn without asking them first!" Proud moment for me. I guess my annoyance over people on others lawns is that when we lived in Coaldale on a corner lot. People/kids were always running across our lawn, like taking the extra few steps would have killed them! It still hits a sore spot for me.

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