Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PPCD Program for B-Man

B-Man started school at a district funded program yesterday. He has quickly become what his teacher describes as the "Star pupil". He loves the activities, is very enthusiastic in music class and is sweet tempered.
I have started corresponding with another mother in the area who also has a son with Autism. It's kind of like AA - she's my sponsor - or as they call them, my angel. I am still trying to figure out what level of Autism her son has, as they have done a lot more extensive and aggressive treatments than we have. They also had their son in a district funded program which they found to be of no use, little more than a respite. I have had a few niggling doubt in my mind, I'll grudgingly admit. Then today as I was reading over the specialists final reviews, reports and recommendations I saw that they also have their reservations about putting B-Man in this program. One: There are no "neuro-typical" children in the class to help guide his actions and Two: The other three boys in his class are all Spanish speaking, which may influence his speech towards that language when his English is still developing. However, there was no indication that don't believe the program is the right thing for him. This other family have placed their son (who is now 6) into a private school. This particular school integrates "special needs" children right into the main stream classroom setting. However, they have also been doing extensive bio-medical treatments with their son ... So once again, possibly a completely different situation. It's so hard to know what is right for each child. The Autism spectrum is so wide you really have to pick through it each individually, fitting what is right for your own child. Taking into account all that others have said and trying to make the right choice for your own child. Is is possible to go over board? I don't know. All I know is there is the possibility of not doing enough.


Jenie said...

I don't think you can ever do too much to help your child.

Dawn said...

You are now and will always be your childs best advocate. Only you are around him enough to really KNOW when his actions are different or if something is bothering him. As mothers I believe that we instinctively know things that no one else will ever understand about our children. It's part of what keeps us from beating them senseless somedays=)