Sunday, October 28, 2007


A few weeks ago they changed out B-Man's primary teacher and since then, church has been horrific. No seriously, I am not being over dramatic or overstating the issue. Horrific. This week they switched our time slot to the morning, which generally, is great. However, now I have B-Man screaming/tears streaming down his face/drool slobbering down his chin as I put him in his church clothes ... up till we sit down in Sacrament meeting and he realizes he's sitting with me. Then the screaming/tears/drool start up again as I take him to his class, which two of the more dour/stern/angry ladies in the ward have been placed in charge of. I sat with him today until they started doing the coloring part of the lesson, then I headed over to my class. However, just as Relief Society is to start one of his teachers comes into tell me B-Man is once again in hysterics as they've gone into sharing time. So I go into the Primary room where the Primary president is holding him quietly. But as soon as he sees me, he starts bawling again. I spend the next 40 minutes telling him and four other kids to sit down/be quiet as the teachers are too busy taking the kids to the toilet every other minute.
As a side note ... Some people have really got to start teaching their kids some manners. I was squashed in the row behind B-Man's class with my knees at about the kids head height. As long as they did lean their heads all the frickin' way back, no contact was made. However, the little angel in front of me decided she wanted to keep slamming her head back, into me knee. I tried to adjust my position, but there wasn't a whole lot of room between the rows. At one point she turned around and, no word of a lie, said to me (as she glared) "Move your knees! They're hurting me!" I just about smacked the back of her head with the reply, "No, that was hurting you" But my mom keeps reminding me that I am the adult. I think that's supposed to mean I take the high road. So instead, I replied,"Colette, I am far enough back that if you didn't lean your head back, we'd both have enough room. Stop doing that and we'll both be fine." Which earned me another glare.
It took B-Man almost a month to adjust to his former teachers and there wasn't nearly the hysterics before church there is now. I know there are a lot of callings in a ward that need to be filled, that various people "fit" different callings, that some are needed in different roles, ect. I just wish B-Man's former teachers could have been held out till at least the end of the year. It seriously almost makes me not want to go at all. It's so tiring, so frustrating to have to deal with his hysterics, his teachers attitudes towards the kids ...
Oy! I keep telling myself a lie of "it can only get better", when in all reality, it probably won't.