Monday, October 1, 2007

Henrietta's Orchard

Today was Ms. R's first school field trip, she was so super excited ... to go on the bus :) We went to an apple/peach orchard just north of where we live. The cost per student was $13 (including bus fare) plus $5 for each adult chaperon (we all drove in our own vehicles to the site). I've got to tell ya, for what we paid - I was underwhelmed. The presenters talked too long, it was too hot (it was in the high 30's with 86% humidity, I had sweat rolling down my back) and the "exhibits" were boooring: "this is where we wash the apples, because we pick too many to do it by hand" "and this is our resident spider..."After we were done there, however, we headed over to a park here in Hurst for lunch and a bit of play. The kids seemed to have more fun there than at the "destination". Oh well, Ms. R DID enjoy the bus ride.
If your wondering why I don't post pictures of my family anymore: my laptop CRASHED hard core and I haven't got the software saved anywhere else to down load the pictures I take. So I have to wait to go to Walmart everytime I want to get pics off my camera. Bah! The pictures featured in this article are of the actual things ... just taken by other people.

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