Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I know it's been a couple weeks, but seriously there has been so little to write about ... it's a little sad. However, while talking to my sister in law Jenie last night and her not so subtle hints, "Yeah, I'm the ONLY ONE keeping up with my blog..." I figured I'd put in a few words. Just to make her content.
My mom and her husband came down for a few weeks. We went out to east Texas, looked at houses while they were considering moving down here. Turns out it's "too damn hot" in Texas, even in October for Rod. So that idea was quickly squashed. Well, "quickly" being a relative term. Spending two days driving around the country side of east Texas seemed really long as a back seat rider to a not so safe driving real estate agent. I think some how I also insulted my in laws by asking them to take care of the kids while I went on the mad search with my mom and Rod. So that relationship has been strange and awkward since that weekend.
Rod wasn't interested in doing much around the city, swearing every time we went out in traffic, so we mostly just stuck around the house. Only venturing out to the zoo and a flea market in Grande Prairie. Which was also alright, as my mom and I can visit anywhere, right?
Yesterday B-Man had his district placement assessment, it lasted all afternoon. Then I was sent home with MORE paperwork to fill out. I am glad they were through, though some of the looks I noticed various people in the room exchanging as they interacted with B-Man made me worry. However, I can't really think about it much, as we won't know anything till next Tuesday. No use worrying when you don't even know what to worry about.


Jenie said...

Glad to see you back up and posting:) Boring or not I like to hear what's going on.

Gary said...

Apparently you weren't working hard enough to make Rod feel welcome at family events. Sounds like you had a good time...