Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starting Off Right

This Weirdoand This Silly Pantsboth landed on the Honor Roll this report card.

I'm not going to down play it, she's doing better than I anticipated.
I expect her to be on the A/B roll.
She has no excuses.
I am always here to help her with her work.
But she is also excelling in areas she was struggling with last year.
Areas I know she has had to put in extra work and thought on her own.

The boy?
Come on.
He's a stinking genius.
He'll be putting me to shame in no time.
If he's not kicking butt
taking names ...
I have to ask his teachers
what more we can do to challenge him.


Sally and Brian said...

Congrats Weirdo and Silly Pants! Way to go Krista!

mom said...

THAT IS AWESOME!! Good for you guys, Mom give them a big hug and HI 5 from Grama