Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second Grade, Anyone?

I don't distinctly remember what I learned in second grade (grade two for all my lovely Canadian followers). I remember my teacher, the school, the name of the boy I thought was cute, walking to my moms work after school, getting bruises on my arms as I swung on the monkey bars at recess ... but ask me what I learned ... nada.
However unsure I am of what I learned, I can say with almost a certainty that my daughters spelling words are a step beyond, above and then skyrockets into absurd what I was spelling in second grade ...


These aren't the EXCEL students words - these are a sample of every students spelling words.
I know the reason I object to some of these words is because a small part of me is saying, "But they're just babies, some of them can't even pronounce "amendment" or "constitution"."
Alright, so that may not be entirely true. Ms. R can tell you what what the Constitution is, who the president is and that everyone is free to choose their own religion. Was I even aware their was a leader to my country, or what country I lived in when I was in second grade? I mean ... I hope so. But I'm highly doubtful.


mom said...

I think it is phenomenal(I can't spell that, ask Rhiannon how or even Brogan he probably knows)anyway you get the idea. These kids are so smart.

Jenie said...

Yeah definitely not what Emma's words are, gotta indoctrinate them young.

Dawn said...

OUR kids can spell "Comets" though...I guess it's all about what you are trying to brain wash them with=)

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Not anywhere close to what Kathryn's words are, here is a sample from last weeks list

I wish that she would get more challenging words. She doesn't even have to try to get these words right. I'm not sure about some of Rhiannons words...just something that actually challenges her.

momma street said...

Did you change your title? LOVE IT! Made me laugh!! Hope you are good. Any news on the job front?

Sally and Brian said... fifth graders words are not that difficult and we use a state reccommended program.