Friday, October 2, 2009

Optimism. Fail.

In general, I'd say I was a "the glass is half full" type of gal.
I like imagining that there is a good side to every situation
and person
and place.
If at all possible.

Today Ms. R came up with a situation I just had no positives for.

She loves having other kids around.

She'd go over to play at someones house or have someone over to out house every day if she could.

However, in a big city it's not like a child can just skip over to a friends house.
Not when they are at least 2 miles away and across busy intersections.
Or in after school care because both their parents work to keep up with the cost of city living.

There are no positives in this situation.

"Gee, but aren't you glad you get to play with your brother and I everyday?" Oh, Yay. Mom.

I looked back on my childhood and thought of how easy it was for the kids in my small home town to just walk/ride on over to friends houses. Even if the friend lived, "All the way on the other side of town" that was still only a 10 block distance.

I wonder what I am depriving my kids of by living in an area such as this.
So far from family with very few "friend" interaction opportunities after school.


mom said...

Is there one of those kids who is in the stay after school program who could come and stay at your house, a friend for Rhiannon and a little income for you?

Jenie said...

Their are definite pros and cons in both city vs small town living.