Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Goal

The school campus my kids attend is between a public high school and a private Christian "all grade" school. This gives us the distinct opportunity to have high school kids from both schools involved in our campus in various ways.
I am at my kids school ... 4-6 hours a day on average.
Which means that I have been in many situations that I have been given a chance to interact, listen and observe "kids" from both of these different schools.

I have to tell you - I am really leaning towards starting savings accounts for my kids simply so they can attend the private school when they reach high school.

Just based on conversations I have had the privilege to over hear between the two groups has me leaning greatly towards it.

A sample:

"What's a Doobie?"
Loooong pauses from all 6 kids sitting around the table.
Tentatively, "Is that one of the ways that black guys (their words not mine) like to get their hair cut?"
(No laughter, because no one else knows that the kid is TOTALLY off)
Another, sounding like they were trying to cut the confusion, "It must be. Or Scoobie Doobie Doo..."
Laughter then.

Being the "responsible" adult, I wasn't sure if I should interrupt the conversation, make them aware of my eavesdropping and tell them what it really it. Such dilemmas.

I've been out to lunch where kids from this particular school seem to frequent, casually listened to conversations off and on and never heard one of them say anything harsher than, "Oh my gosh."

The public school kids on the other hand ...
It's an entirely different matter.
Don't get me wrong.
We're in a great school district.
Top ranked.
Impressive focus on education and community involvement.

But let me tell you
those kids certainly know what a
Doobie is.
Let's not even go into the language they utter.

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mom said...

ya I've been unfortunate enough to hear some of the converstatons kids have these days, they're HORRID