Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheated and Anxious

Remember this post?
The one where I was being led on by my mis-leading husband.
Yeah, that one.
I don't think I would mind the fact that I am no longer in the running to get that particular piece of machinery if it hadn't been dangled infront of me as an (apparently not so real) option.
As is, I feel rather messed around with
and not so thrilled.
And maybe a little hurt.
I hate looking like a
because I want to believe what the man says.
This feeling is only compounded by the fact that I now have
what I will be driving to Canada in 29 DAYS.
My poor, battered, very used, over worked truck WILL NOT make the trip. Since buying it 4 years ago, I have put 90,000 miles on top of the 80,000 miles it had already seen. Almost the entire engine has been replaced at one point or another. The exhaust manifold has been patched more times than is possibly legal. It's time to be retired. It's been time for a while now, really.

I've looked into the option of renting a vehicle for my trip. A great choice. If you don't mind paying $3,500 for something you're going to return at the end of the time.

My in laws have four vehicles, one of which I have requested the use of ... however, the answer to that one hinges on so many other factors it nearly boogles the mind.

I'm a planner. An organizer. A definer of all that is good and logical.

Not knowing details and facts just about drives me crazy.


momma street said...

MEN.....that is all that needs to be said! Good luck too!!

mom said...

I can't say I'm surprised. Lets hope that you can borrow Waynes vehicle