Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter at School

Even though there is a HUGE emphasis on schools being "politically correct" in all they say and do, I have yet to see them not celebrate ALL and every holiday. I've come to realize it's just the state trying to control things, not that anyone pays any attention.
Both Ms. R's and B-man's classes had Easter parties today. I missed out on Ms. R's Easter egg hunt since I was running stupid errands for the 1st grade teachers (grumble grumble) so I was unable to get pictures of that. However, while they were outside, Ms. R got caught up in the excitement of it all and well ... failed to get to a toilet in time. I had planned on leaving her class party to head over and catch B-man's hunt too, so I just signed Ms. R out early, rushed her home, got her changed and we both went over to B-man's school for his party.
B-man's teacher was REALLY smart about the egg hunt. She wrote all the boys names on 12 eggs each and scattered them all over the side yard. They were only allowed to pick up the ones that had THEIR name on it. This not only allowed the slower boys to get their fair share, but it slowed down the hunt a little bit while the boys inspected each egg they came to. Oh yeah, she's a genius.

We're headed out to Quitman for the weekend, to do the MASSIVE Easter egg hunt/pinata smash/Saturday afternoon "lupper" at Wayne's uncles house and Easter dinner Sunday afternoon. I love having the separation of the two. Sure, do fun stuff, have hunts, give gifts ... but do it SEPARATE from the day you observe something as reverent as the Lord's resurrection. At least that's MY opinion. Not that I huff and puff at anyone who doesn't. But I love this way.
Back home Sunday evening in time to pick up Dawn and her two oldest from the airport, woohoo!


Michael said...

Is your boy still wearing those cowboy boots. The poor guy had got to be curling his toes up in the end of them by now. Come on mom get him a new pair. Something flasky with lighting bolts on the sides that would be awesome.

Krista said...

My kids feet grow ridiculously slow - so they still fit. However, I DID buy him new boot; he just doesn't wear them. He prefers his tried and true black and red.

mom said...

Have a super Easter. I miss you guys so much. Have a great time with DAwn

mom said...

Oh I forgot I agree with you about the bunny and Resurrection. So I'm doing a bunny thing on Saturday with Michael and Dawns kids. It will be so fun. Then I'm gonna have them help me feed babies and horses and cows. Let them play then WORK em.

Jenie said...

Looks like a great time being had by all!