Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

It's been FOREVER since I updated.
I have tons of reasons.
More like two reasons.
But they are both VERY good reasons.
1) We went out to Quitman for Easter and I didn't bring my laptop with me. Therefore, no posting.
2) Same day I returned home from Quitman, I picked up my sister and her kids from the airport. They stayed with us till Monday.
For some reason all I felt like doing yesterday was sleeping. It was odd. I literally had a 4 hour "nap", then was asleep by midnight. That NEVER happens in my world.

So today, I shall catch you up on all the wonder and glory that we enjoyed in that time frame.

First, we went out to Quitman to enjoy Easter with Jerry's parents. They live in a minuscule town filled with distant relations and holidays such as Easter are a great time to throw all the cousins - no matter how distantly related- together.
On the Saturday we held a massive Easter egg hunt at Wayne's uncle Lons' house. The kids had a blast.
Sunday we enjoyed a quiet church service and dinner with family and friends.
We also picked up Dawn and her two oldest Sunday evening ... which started off the week of packing as much fun as we could into the time they were here.
They did a few things without us, as my kids had school this week ... if you want to read about that, head over to her blog ... unless she hasn't blogged about it yet. Then ... never mind.
We spent time at the Fort Worth Zoo Road on the T.R.E. Went to the Fort Worth Arts Festival and Sharkarosa Climbed the rock wall at the Dallas R.E.I. Cheered for our losing knight at Medieval Times and rode go carts, played miniature golfed, jumped in bounce houses and rode carnival rides at Mountaisa ... to top it off we took them to a movie at the Bedford Movie Tavern.


mom said...

WOW, WOW and again WOW sounds like you all had a great fun filled week and no wonder you needed a LONG nap. good for you guys.

Dawn said...

Hey! I need a nap too, just from reading about everything we did...no wonder I am operating at half speed today=) We had SO MUCH fun!! Thanks for having us=)

Sally and Brian said...

So much fun! I absolutely LOVE the picture of all the kids driving their cars. Hilarious!!

momma street said...

It's really too bad you didn't get to do too much while Dawn was here! HA HA Holy cow - what a fun time. You can plan my next vacation here in Texas!! Where did you ride the TRE to?

Krista said...

Mom-I think it was more my foot telling me I needed a break
Dawn-Anytime! No seriously - ANY TIME!
Sally - it was INSANE with all those cars, but the kids thought it was a riot.
Amy - we just rode it from the Hurst/Bell station to down town. A "fun" way to get to the Arts Fest.