Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because I Want To Win, Darnit!

So my best friends wife, who I think I can also call my friend ... you know, we've ate together, laughed together, saw the other in our swim suits, cooked wienies together - so I think that constitutes a friendship, is having a give away on her blog. Since I desperately want to win one of the prizes she's giving away as a baby gift for my sister in law (I'm not cheap, I'm resourceful!) I am blogging about it. I think that means I have earned like 8 entries so far.
I think if other people go there from my blog and enter saying you learned about it from my blog I get an extra two entries per person ... though maybe I shouldn't have told you that, as it decreases your chances of winning as mine improves.
Hmmmm, things to think about: how much information should you REALLY disclose to others on your blog?
In any case - go check it out! MaKC Creations

1 comment:

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Hey look it's me! I'm in Texas...if only it were that easy to transport me to somewhere that it is not snowing.
p.s. and I do read your blog faithfully