Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Away

Jerry decided while I was still in Canada that the weekend after the kids and I got home we'd leave the kids with his parents (who were dying to see the kids after 6 weeks apart) and take off somewhere. No destination in mind, just get away by ourselves. Give me a small break after being with the kids all summer. No kidding, he really thought of it himself. He has a bad habit of saying things and not entirely following through because business always seems to crop up, or he forgets, or sleeps through it. So though I hoped like heck he was serious (because I LOVE staying in hotels) I didn't truly anticipate him following through, knowing what was on his plate work wise.
However, he did. He followed through. After I got home we looked into various hotels and bed and breakfasts (which we opted not to do ... we have a bad record there ... once again, another story, another time). After looking over tourist websites of Texas I opted to stay in the area. I'd really done enough traveling at that point and just wanted to stay close to home. So I researched places within a 20 mile radius of home and found a Hyatt just down the road for $70/night with our AAA discount and membership in their hotel club (which was free). When I say just down the road, I mean just down the road. As in less than 2 miles from my front door. It actually felt rather scandalous to be staying in a hotel in the city we live in
while his parents took care of our kids. The hotel itself was beautiful. They have recently renovated and even the hotel snob I brought with me was impressed. I think the 42" high-def swiveling tv pushed him over the edge of delight.The long weekend away together was great. We watched the Olympics (I explained random rules of various sports to my sports inept hubs), I read books, we went to a movie, swam in the hotel pool, ate at new restaurants, took naps ... oh the delights of not having to do anything.
On last thing I should mention - his phone didn't ring once. I was in heaven.


Mandy said...

Doing nothing with your husband is the best times spent together. Just you, him and absolutely nothing that you have to do, just anything that you may feel like doing. Glad to hear you and your hubby enjoyed some alone time.

Dawn said...

I hate you.

Krista said...

what!?!?! I thought you were happy for me? you went up to Calgary with Gary while I took care of your kids! What's to hate?

mom said...

Room looks great, MAYBE we'll have to pan something like that next time I come down