Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Much Do I Hate ...

house work? VERY much. However, as stated several times before - I hate messes more. I hate opening a door and being confronted by a "mysterious" bad odor. I hate sticky spills on the counters and floors. I hate craft projects being strewn willy nilly all over my house. I hate stepping on toys on my way to the toilet at night. I hate the constant clutter a *certain* member of the household accumulates. However, there is a certain thing I hate more than all. The laundry. I hate how it's never ending. I hate how it's a 5 part job. I hate that I am the only one in a house of four that does it.
Therefore, the other day I took very decisive steps to eliminate this particular hassle of mine. I tossed out all our clothes and we all now wear potato sacks.

Of course I kid.
What I really did was this: Called Jenie and asked her to remind of how she divides her laundry, I figured if I could make it a little fun by adding organizing to the task it may help. Then I went and bought a four compartment laundry sorter. Next I cut out pieces of construction paper in the colors Jenie had indicated and grouped them as she'd suggested. After attaching them to the hamper I brought the kids in and we discussed how clothes were
sorted. Then I had them bring their laundry in and supervised as they had a ball deciding which hamper their clothes would go in.
Then we went to their closets and discussed how they could keep them in order. Once again, they were more than willing to do this as I described.
They kids now have chores. I now have two less steps. Everyone wins!


TinaLaRae said...

Wonderful idea. I'm with you on disliking laundry. And might I add I love your blog, however the BRIGHT PINK is a little hard to read. lol

Matt & Jessica said...

You are so smart what a great idea

Sally and Brian said...

Way to go supermom!! Don't things like this make you think....why didn't I do this sooner?? Slap them with chores now before they know they don't want to do them. hahahaha!

mom said...

thats great if ya get them while they think its fun THEY'RE HOOKED!

Jenie said...

I love that you are dividing into colors. Seriously ridiculous how excited this made me. Great idea getting your kids involved.