Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is ME

i am: ready to be a better me
i think: about renovating my house, then start tearing my hair out
i know: I can be a better person and could be if I just applied myself
i want: To achieve the goals I have set out for myself
i have: much to be grateful for
i wish: I could travel more
i dislike: being scared or confused or angry
i miss: Thinking I knew it all
i fear: Dying.
i feel: Comfortable yet antsy
i hear: Absolute silence
i smell: Nothing. I'd be worried if I did - it's almost midnight.
i crave: Friendship
i usually: Let my kids make too big of a mess before I make them clean it up.
i search: The internet daily. For random, silly things.
i wonder: If I will one day fulfill a secret plan I have.
i care: if my laundry is done
i always: drive too fast.
i worry: about poisonous insects
i am not: that interested in the daily going ons of the world.
i remember: too much.
i believe: in angels ... and maybe vampires ;)
i dance: With my kids.
i sing: my heart out in the car, hoping to drown out Rhiannons ... ahhh ... beautiful tunes.
i don’t always: listen to the good advice of others.
i argue: for the fun of it. I don't care if I'm wrong or right. I just may be deprived.
i write: in my blog as a substitute for a journal
i win: Sometimes, but i'm okay with losing too. I just like to play.
i lose: my patience easily when I am tired
i never: drink as much water as I should
i listen: well to others.
i don't understand: why media sensationalizes bad and never high lights the good.
i can usually be found: at home on Friday nights :(
i am scared: I will never get over my love of lists. haha.

I tag anyone who wants to fill this out. No pressure or anything.

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mom said...

I'd love to do it , but, I don't know how, computerly challenged.