Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yum Yum

Since coming to Canada (yes, that is what I said ... to those of you that are excessively slow - I am in Canada. Visiting in southern Alberta to be more exact) I have lost all track of days. You could tell me today was Wednesday and I wouldn't dicker the fact with you, I'd just accept it. With no where in particular to be, the necessity of knowing such trivial things becomes nil and void.
Fortunately, this morning my mom remembered today is Sunday. Which means Sunday brunch at Cheesecake cafe. I was impressed by the spread. Made to order omelets, cheeses, pastries, fruits, salads ... My mom says The Guesthouse's Sunday brunch is better. I believe I'll take her up on that claim; we'll try that out next Sunday. It's good to be a "jack" Mormon when staying with my mom ;)

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Jenie said...

Ahhh....Love Sunday brunches, I wish they served them on other days as well.