Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday

I used my mom's thingamajiger to make this appear as it is ... I love the cool effects you can add with Kodak picture maker.
We went to church with Dawn in Raymond. With her family, Jenie's family, Rachael's (Gary's sister) family and my family (15 kids total) it was a bit chaotic. I am not really sure what the talks were about, though I am sure they were all delivered beautifully ... or something.
After sacrament we headed over to dad's house in Magrath for Easter dinner. Grandma Sandy had Ms. R help her out with the juice making which made her feel VERY special.
It was a beautiful day outside, so the kids spent the afternoon running around, playing with a ball, tossing grass, making up games B-Man "helped" my dad out by cleaning off the beaters when he was finished mixing up the whip cream ... then B-Man in turn shared with baby L Later on, he found the sides of the VERY dirty cars lined up infront of my dads house ... and slid his body along them. The ending result was NOT pretty.This last picture I just have to share because I think she's just too darn cute. This is the smile I have got from Baby L from the first day we met ... she melts my heart.

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Jenie said...

Ahhh.... I love how much you love my daughter!