Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feeling Sad

The kids and I have spent the last 6 weeks visiting/playing/get acquainted with my friends and family here in southern Alberta. It has been sooo incredibly awesome. I've loved almost every minutes we've been here. Truly.
This evening after I'd spent the morning and part of the afternoon over at Maria Wert's helping her organize and clean her place, then going to Pavan Park with the Court's for a wiener roast, I called Jerry so Ms. R could tell him about our full day. After she was done giving him the highlights, he and I talked and he asked if I was excited to be coming home. On one hand, I am. I miss my gym, I miss our weather ... But on the other hand ... I don't have friends in Texas like I have here. I don't have friends that are my age, have kids my kids can play with and get me.
I think this is just hitting me now because the last three days I've spent all of my time with two of my closest friends while I was a teenager - Maria Wert and Daniel Court. I realize I've missed that camaraderie. I've missed having them to laugh with, cry with (more Maria for that one), nag, tease, talk with, wrestle (haha, I'm not sure who I wrestled with more. Definitely won more matches against Maria though)... Obviously, moving back here isn't the answer. The wind alone would put me in the crazy place before the year was out. Sure, keeping in touch with my friends and family helps. However, I need to put a more concentrated effort into finding people my age with kids that I enjoy.
Spending time with my friends here shouldn't leave me in tears because I don't have that anywhere else I go. It should be comforting and fun to think about coming back to ... not a heart ache to leave.


Jenie said...

I hope you can find those kind of friends close by you. Everyone needs someone nearby!

TinaLaRae said...

What fun we had and what fun we will have. Drive safe and have a nap at your gym for me.