Friday, April 20, 2007


Another addiction to admit to - I know, I know - I am pathetic. I seem to have a highly addicitve personality. I get completely hooked on something and it's like I can't shake it till I have done it obsessively for HOURS. However, I am finding a TON of old friends, school mates, family - some that I haven't seen since elementary. It's strange when you have a complete picture of someone from a certain age span, then you see them again and WHAM! They are an ... adult! No! not an adult! Not the dreaded responsible stage. Yes, my dear friends - it's true. Most of the people that I knew personally as I was a kid are now adults also. With jobs, years of schooling, kids, spouses. How can I really be old enough to be friends with this many OLD PEOPLE? :)

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