Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sharing Time

Just after I was given the calling as Brogan's primary teacher they split the primary into Jr. and Sr. sharing time. Which makes sense. You really cannot teach kids 3-6 the same things you teach kids 7-11 on the same level. It also freed up a lot of class rooms, which was really needed as we were having to double up classes.
This also means that 4 times a year each teacher has to teach a Sharing Time lesson. I break into a cold sweat just thinking about it. Coming up with a lesson that 3-6 year olds will pay attention to, get something from and actually enjoy. Talking about random topics for 15 minutes. Bah!
Today was my first presentation. I think they may reconsider having the teachers do sharing time after my eloquent "lesson". It was well meant ... and all went down hill from there.
The first thing that went wrong was as I was putting one of the containers I needed for my lesson into the truck the bottom cracked. I needed to put WATER into this container. There went idea one. Second thing that happened is there was too much sand as compared to the size of the things they needed to find on their "hunt". I ended up fishing them all out and carefully placing them, then telling them what area to "dig" in. Third thing ... none of the kids had heard of ANY of the "heros" I was talking about so there was NO discussion. Just me talking. It was a dong show.
I seriously had to reapply deoderant after I was done ... I mean, I didn't because my actual class was next. But I sure could have used it.


Anonymous said...

you know the saying if anything can go wrong...... but just think at least next time these kids won't even remember this

TinaLaRae said...

Been there, done that, so glad I'm in the YW's!
Just to let you know I only made the heart cakes and a friend of mine made the Dora one.

Jenie said...

I am so sorry it didn't go well!!!! Wish me luck I get to do sharing time for the entire primary this coming Sunday.

TinaLaRae said...

Not sure why you are being directed to another blog? I checked it out and it all seems like it should take you to Yes it opens with the wave of you hand so no need to touch the lid. And as I had a garbage before that was with out a lid and not hidden away in a cupboard or pantry this has made a difference in the smell of MY house. Check out the site, I even found some house hold videos of this garbage can on youtube.